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Intercom and Video Security Systems: Protecting Your Des Moines Area Business

Aiphone camera/intercom system installed by Strauss Security Solutions

The Aiphone system is perfect schools. Administrative staff can see who is at the door before granting them access inside the building.

Strauss Security Solutions has the right intercom and video security systems for your office. We carry Aiphone intercom systems, which allow you to view who is at the entry door and grant them access simply with the push of a button. In addition to granting entry, the intercom solution can also take a picture of each person that uses the system. That feature gives you the chance to archive who is visiting your building. Multiple desktop stations can be connected to one entry unit, so several employees can monitor who is entering your office. The professionals at Strauss Security can help you decide which Aiphone system best suits your commercial intercom and video system needs. Browse their selection and view their features here.

Aiphone Intercom Video Systems Des Moines

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