Card/Fob Access Systems

Keyless Entry For Your Des Moines Office Building

At Strauss Security Solutions, we are an industry leader in card access solutions. We offer plenty of card access options including web hosted and on-site systems. Whether you’re looking for something that can control a single door, or all the doors throughout your entire business, Strauss can help. Keyless access systems give you the ability to control which employees enter the building and at what time. Our systems also ensure your doors are securely locked at all times. Card and fob access systems from Strauss Security give you:

    • A web-hosted system to allow a door to be opened from anywhere internet access is available.
    • Text message or email alerts if a door is left open.
    • Eliminated weekend and late night trips to the office.
    • No more worries about employees having a key and making copies.
    • Audit Reports detailing when employees entered the building.
    • The option to remove a card holder’s privileges in only a few seconds.
    • An electronically controlled entry system that will eliminate keyed entry into your building by employees. There are several different types of readers that you can install; basic (non-intelligent) readers, semi-intelligent readers and intelligent readers.
    • Basic (non-intelligent) readers: These readers read a card number or a PIN and then send it to a control panel. This is the most popular type access control readers.
    • Semi-intelligent readers: These readers have the capabilities to control door hardware but they cannot make any access decisions.
    • Intelligent readers: These readers not only have the capabilities to control the door hardware but they can make access decisions independently because they have the memory and the processing power necessary to do so.
    • Additional features may be added to the readers such as LCD screens as well as features to make them more efficient data collection such as clock-in/clock-out, attendance reports and more.
    • Keycard locks are great for all office buildings, hotels, aquatic centers, and protecting certain parts of the building or assets. Contact Strauss today to see how we may assist you with card reader locks.
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