Commercial Surveillance Cameras for Des Moines Area Businesses

Imagine coming into work tomorrow morning only to find that your store or office window has been smashed, your desk and furniture destroyed, and thousands of dollars in cash and equipment stolen. Will the people responsible ever be brought to justice?

Unfortunately, this scenario has affected millions of business owners. Without sufficient evidence, it’s impossible to bring the perpetrators of this type of crime to justice. Security cameras provide the evidence needed for law enforcement to find and prosecute criminals and vandals who have damaged your property or stolen from you.

Strauss Security Solutions has been helping Des Moines area businesses protect their employees, customers, and property for more than 85 years. Don’t wait for a situation like the one described above to happen before investing in a security and surveillance system. Remain proactive by finding out which security cameras explained below are right for your business, or you can contact one of our security experts today.

Analog Cameras

Analog CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) cameras are one of the most versatile and cost-effective surveillance systems, which is why they can be found in both large and small businesses, banks, and hotels as well as in homes and apartments. These cameras work by transmitting analog video signals to a digital video recorder (DVR), which then sends the feed directly to a monitor in-house or a remote computer via an Internet connection. If the cameras are streaming remotely, they maximize efficiency by using only one IP address. Analog cameras perform well in various lighting and weather conditions but don’t always provide the clearest image, especially at long distances. Despite the technology being over fifty years old, analog cameras are a tried and true surveillance tool.

Reasons you may want to choose an analog camera system for your business:

  • You want to access your feed from any computer.
  • You are worried about bandwidth.
  • You want to have all of your feeds in one place without a lot of hassle.
  • You want to/have to use more than one provider for your cameras.

Network or IP Cameras

Unlike analog cameras that feed directly to a television, VCR, or DVD player, network cameras (a.k.a. IP cameras) feed directly to a web server. Each network camera has its own IP address, which can have an effect on your bandwidth. Since the images are sent to a web server, any device with Internet access can view the footage with the correct login information. These cameras are more secure than analogs because they have the ability to compress and encrypt images; so if you’re worried about your security footage ending up in the wrong hands, you most likely want to select an IP camera system. Network cameras perform better in well-lit conditions and have much better clarity than analog cameras, especially at longer distances, making them a wiser choice if you have a large area to secure such as a parking lot or warehouse.

Reasons you may want to choose a network camera system for your business:

  • You are worried about video interception.
  • You need to have the ability to zoom or multiply the image.
  • You want a high-definition picture.
  • Bandwidth is not an issue.

Security Camera Accessories and Features

Strauss Security Solutions offers many options when it comes to providing the best surveillance systems for the needs of your business. We offer you peace of mind with remote video viewing for all of our cameras, making it easier for you to check in on your office while you’re away from any web-enabled device. Other accessories and features we offer include:


Digital Video Recorders and Network Video Recorders act as the brain for your security system. DVRs come in single, four, eight, or sixteen camera options. They also come in a number of hard drive sizes, depending on how many days of video you want your security camera to retain. Each DVR from Strauss has an iPhone or Android application that allows you to review video from your phone without any additional charges. NVRs connect to any device with an IP address and then connect to a camera, enabling you to manage, play back, stream, or record the images the camera is capturing.

Indoor/Outdoor Cameras

With technological advances in the security industry, both bullet and dome cameras are designed to withstand extreme cold or heat in the unpredictable Iowa weather and can therefore be used for outdoor or indoor use. Bullet cameras are easy to install, less expensive, and provide good recordings in low- or no-light situations. Dome cameras, on the other hand, provide a sleek, non-invasive aesthetic, are more resistant to vandalism, and allow for more discreet viewing because it’s nearly impossible for people to detect which direction the lens is facing as it’s recording.

Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras

Pan Tilt Zoom cameras, or PTZs, allow for more specific video viewing. With these cameras, you have the ability to zoom in on a particular area or scan a certain space both on-site and remotely. PTZs are also a good option for anything you would like to keep a visual record of, such as an important meeting or presentation.

Strauss Security Solutions of Des Moines understands that you’ve had to work hard to build your business, and unfortunately years of hard work can be devastated in an instant by vandals and criminals. That’s why we want to help you protect your hard-earned assets. Learn more about our surveillance cameras at and be sure to check out our commercial security system special here.

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