Commercial Security Options for your Business

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At Strauss Security Solutions, your security is our top priority. We want to make sure that your business is safe at all times. At Strauss, we provide many different types of security for your business, including high security locks, push button locks, commercial intercom systems, and security cameras. Learn about the different types of commercial security for your Des Moines property:

High Security Locks
Strauss provides CyberLocks which allows you to replace all of your existing business locks. CyberLock is designed so that an electronic key can be programmed to open any door in the building. It’s considered “high security” because the keys cannot be copied and can only be opened with the authorized keys.

The CyberLock system keeps a data log of every person who enters the building with exact times. Time stamps can be made to display when individuals enter and leave the building. This is a helpful security option for business owners who don’t want to worry about employees losing keys, duplicating keys, or accessing the building after hours. With the CyberLock system, you have the option for certain individuals to enter the building or be denied access.

Push Button Lock
Push button lock systems eliminate the need for keys. Keys can be lost, stolen, or duplicated, and with push button locks you don’t have to worry about this. Pushbutton locks ensure that no unwanted guests will have entry into your business.

Commercial Intercom & Video Systems
Aiphone intercom systems is the eyes and ears of your doorway. You have the option to grant or deny guests access into your building. Different viewing stations can be set up throughout your office so that several employees can monitor who is entering your business. Strauss has different types of Aiphone systems that are compatible with different types of businesses.

Security Cameras for your Business
For your business, Strauss has analog and network cameras, DVR/NVR, indoor and outdoor cameras, pan tilt zoom, and remote video viewing.

We offer a variety of complex systems, recording devices, and cameras that can accomplish all of your businesses security needs. Analog and network security cameras have DVR and remote video access that supplies live streamed videos to your monitoring devices. Security cameras protect your business after hours, and will catch anyone on camera if they try breaking into your property.

Commercial Security by Strauss Security Solutions
Contact Strauss for all your commercial security needs. We can help you find the best security options for your commercial property.

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