Keeping Holiday Packages Safe on Your Doorstep

In 2016, about 11 million packages were stolen from front steps, porches, and decks of homes. Approximately 70% of homeowners will be expecting packages delivered in the coming weeks, gearing up for the holiday season. Of that 70%, 61% will have more packages delivered than they would typically. Unless you plan on staying home all […]

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The Arlo Pro Wire-Free HD Security Camera

Weatherproof Arlo Pro Home Security Camera

Completely Wireless – Weatherproof – Full HD – 2-Way Audio – Cloud & Expandable Storage Wireless, Place the Arlo Pro Anywhere! Arlo Go supports 3G & 4G-LTE cellular communication and will work anywhere nationwide that has LTE coverage.   Weatherproof The Arlo Go is made for outdoors and indoors. With operating temps of -4° to […]

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SkyBell Video Doorbell: Always Know Who’s at Your Door

HD Video Doorbell available at Strauss Security Solutions

Always know who’s at your door, whether you are home, across town, or in another state, with the SkyBell HD Video Doorbell. How SkyBell Works Whenever someone rings your doorbell, SkyBell will instantly send you a notification letting you know someone is at your door. You then have the chance to accept or deny contact […]

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Wired vs. Wireless Security Systems — What’s the Difference?

Manage security system from mobile phone

In our technologically evolved world, we are fortunate to have many types of advanced equipment available to us. Many years ago, the wired security system was invented and this was a huge breakthrough in home security. Homeowners finally felt safe because they could rest easy knowing their home was protected at all times. Today, if […]

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Protect your Des Moines Home with Security On The Go by Strauss

Des Moines Security - Mobile

Security systems are beneficial for your residential and commercial Des Moines property because they provide protection against unwanted intruders. You can feel at ease knowing that your property is safe and secure with a Strauss Security Solutions security system. When you are away from your property for extended periods of time, it is at high […]

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4 Benefits of a Strauss Video Intercom System for your Des Moines Home

Des Moines Home Security - Intercom

Strauss Security Solutions video intercom systems provide many security benefits for you and your family. Strauss sells the Aiphone intercom brand, which allows you to easily screen and record visitors at your doorway before granting them access into your home. The Aiphone intercom system also takes photos of visitors, and allows you to easily communicate […]

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Security Tips from Strauss Security Solutions: Your Business

Tips for Commercial Security

Your employees, business, and everything inside of it are important to you. What are you doing to make sure that your business is the safest it can be? While you may have thought through security options for your home, sometimes the business can get overlooked. Strauss Security Solutions specializes in both residential and commercial security […]

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Tips to Deter Burglars from your Des Moines Home

deter burglars with strauss security solutions

Everyone strives to have a safe home. You want it to be a place where you, your family, and your friends can relax and not have to worry about uninvited guests. According to the FBI, every 13 seconds a home is broken into in the United States and over two million peoples homes are affected […]

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5 Reasons your Des Moines Area Business needs Security Cameras

commercial security cameras from strauss security

Security cameras can be found a lot of places. You see them at the bank, at the gas station, at the grocery store, and at government buildings. Another place that can be great for security cameras is local businesses. Just because you work in an office setting does not mean that you shouldn’t have commercial […]

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Safety Tips from Strauss Security Solutions: Living Alone

Security Tips for Living Alone

Living alone can be a new adventure, and there can be some major benefits involved. You can decorate your place however you want, the cleaning schedule is up to you, and you don’t have to worry about being too loud and waking a roommate or family member. Even though living by yourself can be fun […]

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