How Strauss Can Help if You Misplace Your Keys

Losing the keys to your home or business can be pretty scary, but Strauss Security Solutions has locksmiths on-call 24/7! Our crew specializes in these exact situations to help people like you get back into their residence or business and feel safe following the incident. If you ever find yourself in this position, here are […]

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What Does a Locksmith Do?

Des Moines Locksmith Strauss Security Solution - Key Cutting

When people think of locksmith services, they typically think of picking locks to get back into the house or replacing the locks after moving into a new place. Truthfully, locksmiths can do much more than their name suggests.   24-Hour Emergency Locksmith Services When people search for locksmiths in Des Moines, usually they need help […]

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Don’t Let Locksmith Scams Leave You With Picked Locks and Picked Pockets

Beware of pickpockets

You just moved into a brand new neighborhood out of state. You decide to enjoy the beautiful weather and go out on a walk with your significant other. You each think the other has the house key to get back inside. When you return, you realize you’re locked out. You don’t have family or friends […]

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Des Moines Home Security Mistakes to Avoid

home security mistakes to avoid

What do you think about when you think of home security? Whether it’s a high-tech security system, a fireproof safe, or your pitbull Ralph, security comes in all shapes and sizes. Home security is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly, and Strauss offers plenty of products that can help you fully optimize the security in […]

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Medeco® High Security Locks by Strauss Security Solution

Medeco lock and deadbolt

Your home’s security is our top priority. Medeco® is a market leader in locks and locking systems for security, safety, and control. You can trust the Medeco® brand locks to keep your home safe and secure with high security deadbolts and door locks. But, you might be thinking — what’s so special about a Medeco® […]

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Protect your Des Moines Home with Security On The Go by Strauss

Des Moines Security - Mobile

Security systems are beneficial for your residential and commercial Des Moines property because they provide protection against unwanted intruders. You can feel at ease knowing that your property is safe and secure with a Strauss Security Solutions security system. When you are away from your property for extended periods of time, it is at high […]

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Why You Should Replace Your Des Moines Locks

Strauss Security Solutions locksmith service

Losing your keys to your Des Moines property can leave you feeling helpless. You constantly worry about where your keys are, the threat of burglars, and the safety of your family and loved ones. But there’s no need for that, Strauss Security Solutions in Des Moines can take all your worries away. We provide lock […]

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Security Locks from Strauss Security: Padlocks

Padlocks - Strauss Security Solutions

Keeping your possessions safe is important. Most people make sure to lock their car and their home when they leave, they don’t want an intruder getting in and stealing anything. So why not lock up the little things as well? Padlocks make for an easy way to keep some of your most important possessions locked […]

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Strauss Security Solutions and Your Des Moines Apartment

des moines residential security company

When people think of security, they often think of security cameras at banks or gas stations, or those dramatic commercials of families in their homes dealing with robberies and using some high-end technology to prevent it from ever happening again. What’s missing from this picture? Apartments! A common market that often gets forgotten in the […]

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Four Tips for Choosing a Reputable Locksmith in the Des Moines Metro

Tools for Locksmiths

Getting locked out of your house, office, or car is one of those things you may think will never happen to you. But you never know when your keys might slip out of your pocket or handbag, or when you accidentally leave your keys in the coat you wore the previous day. The truth is, […]

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