Important Hotel Safety Tips for Winter Travelers

Hotel room - safety tips from Strauss Security Solutions

There are many important precautions you should take before leaving your home for a winter vacation. Awhile back we wrote about tips to deter burglars from breaking into your home when you’re away. When planning to leave your home for vacation it is important to prepare in order to keep your home safe from break-ins. […]

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Strauss Push Button Locks for your Des Moines Business

Schlage Keypad Lever specs diagram

How many times have you lost or misplaced your keys? We don’t want to admit it , but it happens quite often. Imagine the ease of never having to search for your keys again. With Strauss Security Solutions push button locks, you won’t have to. You can access your Des Moines home or business property […]

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Automatic Doors From Strauss Security Solutions

Automatic doors

Think of how many times you walk into a business over the course of a week. Not only do you go into your own office, you’re doing other things like going to the mall, the movies, the grocery store, and so on. When entering these other business, what type of door do you walk through […]

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Commercial Door Hardware For The New Year – Part 2

Panic bar

If you keep up with the Strauss Security Solutions blog, you have probably read last weeks blog post featuring part one of a two part commercial door hardware series. To read that post, click here. With the arrival of 2015, it is important to consider changing and updating your Des Moines area business, and that […]

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Commercial Door Hardware For The New Year – Part 1

Medeco key and lock

Last week we featured a post about home security cameras for the new year. If you haven’t read about the types of home security cameras we can install for you at Strauss Security Solutions, click here. Keeping your home safe from potential dangers is important, but keeping your business safe is equally as important. We […]

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Meeting ADA Standards At Your Des Moines Area Business

Skyline of Downtown Des Moines

If you are a business owner, there is probably a long list of things that are important to you. Your customers or clients are likely pretty high on that list. The customers are the people that help keep your business running day after day. How often do you see clients or customers come into your […]

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What Deadbolt is Best for Your Business?

Most business owners know the importance of securing all entrances to their place of work, but do you also know what types of locks are best for securing your building? When looking at deadbolts, here are a couple of things to make sure and consider: (courtesy of William Deutsch).   Double or Single Cylinder? Deadbolts […]

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Security Tips for Your Des Moines Business

Commercial Security Tips Have your employees  keep their personal effects in a secure location, such as a locked desk or  filing cabinet. Have a key management  system and limit the number of employees having keys or install an access  control system to monitor who comes in and out of your facility and when. Make security […]

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Eliminate Security Worries

Brivo Online Access Control Systems bring you powerful security features and simple, centralized administration tools while maximizing your access control investment. Check out this YouTube Video to learn more! Powerful Security Advanced administrative and monitoring features instantly inform you of security incidents. Unsurpassed scalability lets you easily extend your system to thousands of doors. […]

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Protect Your Des Moines Business With Strauss

Strauss Security Solutions is an industry leader in Commercial Security & Life Safety Alarm Services. We provide a wide range of custom designed monitored alarm systems for your business using all UL® approved equipment. Our goal at Strauss is to keep you, your employees, your customers, and your business as safe as possible. We recommend […]

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