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by | Dec 1, 2018 | Legacy Blog Post, Strauss Security

Each year companies throughout the U.S. lose billions of dollars to employee theft. Some research shows that the greater chance of employees being caught be , the much less probable they are to thieve. Small companies are specially susceptible to employee robbery. Many dollars are saved when companies and executives make prevention their top precedence.


Background checks before hiring employees is the best preventative step.

Try to always have at least 2 people staffed at all times.

Use security keys, like Medeco brand, that say “Do Not Duplicate” for ALL locks, even ones employees don’t have access to. Strauss Security is a PROUD Medeco supplier.

Limit employee to employee sales, to limit any abuse of privileges.

Strauss Security offers card access systems, which unlike traditional keys — can’t easily be duplicated. Think of switching to card access if you have a large amount of employees, need to keep logs of who is where and when, or have a high turn around rate of employees.

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