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Automatic doors

Think of how many times you walk into a business over the course of a week. Not only do you go into your own office, you’re doing other things like going to the mall, the movies, the grocery store, and so on. When entering these other business, what type of door do you walk through to get in? Are you pulling a door handle or simply walking through an automatic door. Chances are you are likely walking through the automatic doors without even thinking about it.

Automatic doors, also known as powered doors, allow your customers easy access into your business. They can be especially helpful to businesses where people may be coming or leaving with their hands full. Strauss Security Solutions can set up your business with automatic doors to improve your business.

How Do Automatic Doors Work?

Different automatic doors may work in different ways, including what kind of sensor they use. Some automatic doors use proximity sensors. They are generally mounted above the door and emit an electromagnetic or infrared beam to sense that someone is there. A benefit of proximity sensors is that they can be set up to be triggered by a specific type of movement. For example, if your business needs doors to let machinery in, you can set the proximity sensor to recognize when metal is approaching it.

Motion detectors are another type of automatic door sensors, they are very common in commercial settings. These detectors measure changes in space and detect when a person approaches the door. The motion detector then triggers the door to open up. You often see motion detectors in businesses like grocery stores, corporate offices, and hospitals.

Benefits of Automatic Doors From Strauss Security Solutions

There are plenty of benefits to adding or updated the automatic doors in your business.

  • It adds easy access for your customers and employees. With automatic doors, you don’t have to worry about people having problems opening your doors. Whether they are carrying things and don’t have an extra hand to grab the door or they struggle to open doors in general, your customers can get into your business with a powered door.
  • People can quickly get in and out of your business. With automatic doors installed, you don’t have to worry about people holding the door for each other or the door slamming into someone else’s face. Your customers can move quickly through the doorway area allowing a nice flow of traffic.
  • You can save on your energy bill. Though your automatic doors use energy to run, they can actually help you save on your energy bill in the long run. That’s because the automatic doors are only open when people are travelling through and closed the rest of the time. With non-powered doors, they are likely to accidentally get propped open letting in the heat or cold.

Let Strauss Install Automatic Doors In Your Des Moines Area Business

Strauss Security Solutions can set up your business with new automatic doors to make entering your building easier for your employees and your customers. Contact us today to discuss adding automatic doors to your Urbandale, Des Moines, Johnston, West Des Moines, Waukee, Ankeny, Indianola, or Norwalk business.

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