Alarm Monitoring Referral Program

The best compliment we can receive is in the form of a referral from a customer. At Strauss Security Solutions, we work hard to gain your trust. If you’ve been happy with your security monitoring service—whether it’s been for your residential or commercial security system—you should know about our referral program.


1st Referral: 1 month free security monitoring

2nd Referral: 1 month free security monitoring

3rd Referral: 10 months free security monitoring

Add that up and you could get up to a full year of free security alarm monitoring with three complete referrals to Strauss Security Solutions. A complete referral means that a referral from you has signed up for alarm monitoring through Strauss.


Contact Strauss Security Solutions

For more information, contact Jacob Engel at (515)276-7030 or Plus, learn more about all of our specials here.


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