6 Ways to Prevent a Break-In

One of the most common petty crimes worldwide is a break-in. A burglar will force himself into your home and attempt to steal as much of your property as possible. From computer to jewelry to collectable anything of value is fair game to a thief.

If you desire to protect yourself from burglars, you need to prepare your home for an intrusion. Here’s six easy ways to prevent a burglar from breaking into your home:

Put a Lock On It

Locking your doors and windows should be commonplace, yet many people simply ignore the easiest way to prevent a break in. Lock all doors and close all windows and lock them. If you choose not to, you make it incredibly easy to steal from your home. There will likely be no evidence of a crime either. With no visible evidence, a neighbor or passerby will never be able to recognize something’s not right.

Don’t Show Off

Avoid leaving valuable items in the front or back yards. Put your nice bicycle or landscaping equipment in the garage after you use them. As well, do not leave boxes of recently purchase expensive items in pain sight when taking out the trash. If a criminal sees a box of a large plasma TV, they may be enticed to break in. Lastly, do not have expensive items in plain sight through your windows.

Be Tricky

Most burglaries occur when the homeowner is not home. Criminals are much more likely to break in if they suspect no one is home. Try leaving a light on if you will be gone in the evening or leaving the radio on during the day. The chance that someone is home can deter a criminal.  You can also place a fake security system sign in the front lawn. While a security system won’t automatically deter a thief, they may think twice before breaking and entering.

Invest in Your Front Door

The majority of burglaries happen through the front door. Your home’s front door is your family first line of defense against a majority of break-ins. You need to invest in a sturdy and pick-resistant deadbolt lock for your front door. Next, you’ll want to outdoor entry light on at night to illuminate your front door.

No Spare Keys

Burglars have friends and families too. They know many people leave spare keys in the floor pot or under the welcome mat. It doesn’t matter if you lock your front door or how great a lock you have on your front door if you leave an easy to find spare key. So stop leaving a spare key out. Give your spare key to a friend or neighbor you trust instead of leaving it outside your home for anyone to find.

Prep for Vacation

Remember to leave no signs of an empty home when you leave for vacation. Have a friend or neighbor housesit. Make sure they get the mail and newspapers. Have them move your car occasionally in the driveway. Make sure they cut your grass or shovel the snow if necessary.  You can also contact the local police and ask them to check on your property occasionally while you are away.

Residential Security System

Lastly, if you are truly concerned about protecting your property you will want to invest in a residential security system. By setting the alarm when you leave, you can ensure your home stays safe no matter where you are. Residential security systems come packed with features designed to make sure your property is always safe.

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