4 Tips From Strauss To Keep Your Home Safe This December

Dark road in winter

It will be December in less than one week. That means we’ve almost made it through another year and the holiday season has arrived. While December can be a fun and exciting time for many families, it’s also an important time to make sure your home is ready for this hectic time of year. It’s getting darker sooner and many people are either travelling to friends or families places, or having guests come visit their Des Moines area home. Check out our 4 tips to help keep you, your home, and your possessions safe this December.

Check Your Smoke And Carbon Monoxide Detectors

December is an important time to check both your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. Make sure you are using up-to-date detectors and that the batteries in them are working properly. One of the reasons the winter is the best time to check on these is because you are starting to keep your home tightly shut again. With the cold temperatures, most people like to make sure their doors are always closed and windows are latched. While that’s great for keeping your home nice and warm, it is also easier to trap in things like carbon monoxide because there’s not as much ventilation. We can help you find the right detectors for your needs.

Install A Home Burglary System

Chances are you plan on doing some exciting things this month like going to your work holiday party or ringing in the New Year at a friends place. These events can be fun, but going to them means you’re leaving your home in potential danger. Strauss Security Solutions is an industry leader in alarm services and residential security. We can set up your home with custom designed monitored alarm systems as well as silent alarms so the trespasser won’t even know the proper authorities have been called. Rates start as low as $39.95/month, making it an affordable way to help ensure everything is ok when you are away.

Use Total Connect Mobile Services

Our total connect mobile services lets you manage your security system from your mobile phone. This is a great tool to keep you updated on what’s going on inside and outside your home while you are out shopping or travelling this month. We also offer the Z-Wave system, which lets you control any device in your home and can assist with things like your lights, door locks, thermostat and more. It can let you check in on your home and see what’s going on on the inside or outside at any time. With technology like that, you don’t need to worry what’s going on when you’re away because you can see it all!

Buy A Safe For Your Des Moines Area Home

Keeping your belongings and assets safe inside your home is very important and can often be overlooked, especially this time of year. At Strauss Security Solutions, we understand that everything in your life is meaningful to you. While you can’t put your entire life into one of our safes, you can fit some of your most important and precious belongings in one. Our safes can keep your items protected from fires or potential burglars. We offer home high security safes, fire safes, gun safes, pistol safes, and key keepers. With all of the different types of safes we offer you will be able to find one that fits your specific need.
Take our December tips to heart and you are bound to have one of the safest and best Decembers you have ever had. To learn more about what we talked about or to find out other ways Strauss Security Solutions can help your home, contact us today.

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