4 Benefits of a Strauss Video Intercom System for your Des Moines Home

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Strauss Security Solutions video intercom systems provide many security benefits for you and your family. Strauss sells the Aiphone intercom brand, which allows you to easily screen and record visitors at your doorway before granting them access into your home. The Aiphone intercom system also takes photos of visitors, and allows you to easily communicate with people in other rooms of your home or outside your doorway. A Strauss home intercom system can provide your family and Des Moines household with numerous benefits.

Keeping your Home Secure

Your home’s security is very important. Trust Strauss’s video intercom systems to keep your home safe and secure. Intercom system, such as the Aiphone systems, have a display that allows you to see who is at your door, and speak with them before allowing them entrance into your home. This eliminates the insecurity of having to open your door to solicitors and strangers.

If your children are home alone, this device will keep them safe by giving them a clear visual of who is outside the door at all times. If you have babysitters or family members watching your children, they might not know who your friends or neighbors are. A video intercom system will give your family or babysitter peace of mind knowing they can monitor whoever is outside your door.

With photo security, you can rest easy knowing your home is safe from burglars. The photo capturing functionality of the video intercom system will catch any burglar before they even enter your home. For additional home security – Strauss also provides safety alarm services to keep your Des Moines home and family safe from unwanted intruder entry.

Easy Communication

Not all home intercom systems are video compatible. Many homeowners use the intercom system to communicate with family members around the house. If your home is large with many floors, you might be running up and down the stairs to give someone a message. Save yourself time and hassle and invest in a Strauss intercom systems. The intercom systems act as a walky-talky that allows you to easily communicate with people around the house.

Interference Free Child Monitoring

The Aiphone video intercom system allows you to monitor your children without interference. When your children become independent, the video intercom system is like a second pair of eyes in your household. If you have young children, you can safely monitor them as you move from room to room. Ditch your baby monitors – Switch to a Strauss video intercom system to safety monitor your infants at all times.


An overlooked benefit of wireless intercom systems is music and entertainment. The portable intercom unit can be carried around the house, providing you with music to all rooms in your home. While you are entertaining guests, the portable unit can also provide you with convenient video security and intercom functionality.

Choose Strauss Video Intercom Systems for your Home

Simplify your life with Strauss’s Aiphone video intercom systems. The new intercom systems are a natural, stylish looking addition to your home. Call Strauss today to schedule a demo of one of our residential video or intercom systems. We are located in Urbandale but serve the entire Des Moines area including Des Moines, Urbandale, West Des Moines, Norwalk, Indianola, Johnston, Waukee, Clive, and Ankeny.

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