Home, Fire, Gun, and Pistol Safes From Strauss

American Security large safe

Where do you keep your most important documents and assets? Maybe you keep them in an old shoe box in your hall closet, or possibly in a filing cabinet in your office. Even though you may think these are safe places to hide your things because they are out of sight from others in your […]

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4 Tips From Strauss To Keep Your Home Safe This December

Dark road in winter

It will be December in less than one week. That means we’ve almost made it through another year and the holiday season has arrived. While December can be a fun and exciting time for many families, it’s also an important time to make sure your home is ready for this hectic time of year. It’s […]

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High Security Locks For Your Des Moines Business

Cyber Key lock and hardware

Keeping your business safe is a necessity. That’s why at Strauss Security Solutions we offer services such as security cameras, security systems, and commercial safes. Something that can be easily overlooked, however, are the locks on your doors. Odds are you have been using the same lock system for a long time. We can help […]

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Home Security From Your Mobile Device

ZWave smartphone-controlled home security system

What are some of the things you never leave home without? Your wallet, keys, and cell phone are likely the top three things on the list. Cell phones have come a long way since they were first invented in 1973. Though we still use them for talking, most of our smartphone usage is spent doing […]

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Carbon Monoxide Detectors: Saving You From An Invisible Danger

Carbon monoxide detector

When you think of a security solutions company what comes to mind? Most likely products such as security systems, locks, safes, and access control systems. Sure, we do all of that here at Strauss Security Solutions, but did you know we also can help your Des Moines area home with carbon monoxide detection? What It […]

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Commercial Surveillance Cameras for Des Moines Area Businesses

Imagine coming into work tomorrow morning only to find that your store or office window has been smashed, your desk and furniture destroyed, and thousands of dollars in cash and equipment stolen. Will the people responsible ever be brought to justice? Unfortunately, this scenario has affected millions of business owners. Without sufficient evidence, it’s impossible […]

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Need to Change the Locks? Why You May Want to Re-Key Instead

Keys on a ring

Many customers call us to change their locks for a number of reasons: they lost their key, they have new tenants in a rental property, they fired an employee, and so on. But did you know that you don’t necessarily have to change the locks for all of these reasons? In fact, it is just […]

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How to Keep Your Home Safe in Des Moines this Halloween

With Halloween only a couple weeks away, it is important to know what measures you can take to ensure your home and family remain safe from things that go bump in the night. It takes less than 60 seconds for a burglar to break into your house, but there are ways to keep your home […]

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Why You Need an Alarm System for Your Home

Alarm systems tend to be a luxury item in many neighborhoods. Unless crime is already a problem many families choose to not utilize an alarm system in hopes of saving a few bucks. Yet, this type of thinking is illogical. In most areas, a small monthly fee is all that is charged to you once […]

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How to Pick the Best Alarm System for Your Home

While it’s nice knowing crime has been on a steady decline in the United States recently, one break-in is all it takes to ruin your day, month, year, and even life. There is never a better time to beef up your home’s security measures than right now. When looking into improving the security of your […]

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