Did You Know Strauss Secures Homes, Businesses in Cedar Rapids and Iowa City Too?

Iowa City - Strauss Security Solutions service area

Strauss Security Solutions has been securing homes and businesses in Des Moines for over 85 years with the latest technology and alarm systems. What some people may not know, however, is that our services aren’t limited to the Des Moines Metro area. Strauss provides security systems and services across Iowa—including Cedar Rapids and Iowa City. […]

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Don’t Let Locksmith Scams Leave You With Picked Locks and Picked Pockets

Beware of pickpockets

You just moved into a brand new neighborhood out of state. You decide to enjoy the beautiful weather and go out on a walk with your significant other. You each think the other has the house key to get back inside. When you return, you realize you’re locked out. You don’t have family or friends […]

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Commercial Security Options for Your Business

Commercial security camera from Strauss Security Solutions

At Strauss Security Solutions, your security is our top priority. We want to make sure that your business is safe at all times. At Strauss, we provide many different types of security for your business, including high security locks, push button locks, commercial intercom systems, and security cameras. Learn about the different types of commercial […]

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Lock Repair & Replacement by Strauss Security Solutions

locksmith services strauss security

Have you recently moved into a new home or had your locks tampered with? Don’t worry – Strauss can help. We offer lock repair and replacement for your Central Iowa home or business. Locks are important for your home’s security. When they aren’t working properly, your property could be at risk for a potential break-in. […]

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Important Hotel Safety Tips for Winter Travelers

Hotel room - safety tips from Strauss Security Solutions

There are many important precautions you should take before leaving your home for a winter vacation. Awhile back we wrote about tips to deter burglars from breaking into your home when you’re away. When planning to leave your home for vacation it is important to prepare in order to keep your home safe from break-ins. […]

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Home Security Myths to Avoid

security cameras des moines

Deciding whether you should install a home security system can be a difficult decision. What’s holding you back? The price? The complexity of the systems? Depending where you go, security systems can vary drastically. At Strauss Security Solutions, we believe our security systems are affordable and easy to use. Read on to learn about 3 […]

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Des Moines Home Security Mistakes to Avoid

home security mistakes to avoid

What do you think about when you think of home security? Whether it’s a high-tech security system, a fireproof safe, or your pitbull Ralph, security comes in all shapes and sizes. Home security is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly, and Strauss offers plenty of products that can help you fully optimize the security in […]

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The Benefits of Keyless Entry For Your Des Moines Office Building

Keyless Entry for Businesses from Strauss Security

Card access systems can be beneficial for your business or store because they provide convenient access points into your building by eliminating the traditional keyed doorway. Strauss Security Solutions is an industry leader in card access systems for your business doorways and our variety of keyless systems will provide your business with many important benefits: […]

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Experience Improved Accessibility With ADA Approved Door Hardware

Circuit City entrance - commercial security

Heavy traffic doorways into buildings or restrooms tends to create major barriers for individuals with disabilities. Today, more than 50 million Americans live with a disability, and many businesses are turning to American Disabilities Act (ADA) approved door hardware to allow people to easily access and navigate throughout buildings safely and comfortably. Convenience ADA approved […]

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Medeco® High Security Locks by Strauss Security Solution

Medeco lock and deadbolt

Your home’s security is our top priority. Medeco® is a market leader in locks and locking systems for security, safety, and control. You can trust the Medeco® brand locks to keep your home safe and secure with high security deadbolts and door locks. But, you might be thinking — what’s so special about a Medeco® […]

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